Nissan CVT Transmission Problems

For several years now Nissan North America, Inc. has placed CVT transmissions in many of their model vehicles (Altima, Sentra, etc.).  CVT stands for “continuously variable transmission.”  The purpose of the CVT transmission design, according to Nissan, is to, among other things, provide smooth shifts between gears and be more fuel efficient than a regular fixed gear transmission.  Unfortunately, the Nissan CVT transmission has been plagued by many problems.  These problems include, but are not limited to, poor shift quality (jerking, slipping), complete transmission failure, lack of power, etc. 

If you purchased a Nissan vehicle in California and the vehicle is experiencing transmission or other problems, you may have a California Lemon Law claim.  Please contact us via phone (866-360-6886) or e-mail ( and we will be happy to provide you with a free consultation.    

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