The California Lemon Law Applies to That?

Most of us have seen the television commercials where people ride up stairs on a chair.  These devises are called stair lifts and really do provide a tremendous benefit for those who live in two story homes but cannot walk up or down stairs.

I recently represented a client who purchased a stair lift and had it installed in his home. The stair lift cost around $10,000. The stair lift was to be used by my client’s 100 year old mother as she was unable to traverse the stairs in my client’s home.  Unfortunately,the stair lift kept stranding my client’s mother when she would use it.  Specifically, the stair lift would get stuck between floors and, on occasion, tilt forward to such a degree that my client’s mother would have fallen out of the stair lift chair had she not been belted in. The stair lift was subject to several warranty repair attempts.  These repair attempts did not fix the stair lift.

In my 26 years of practicing law and representing clients in California Lemon Law cases, I had never represented someone with a defective stair lift.  But the beauty of the California Lemon Law is that it applies to all consumer goods, not just automobiles.  Even stair lifts are covered.

Fortunately, the manufacturer of the stair lift agreed to repurchase it from my client, remove it from his home and pay attorney’s fees. My client is purchasing a new stair lift from a different company which, hopefully, works better than the last one.

The California Lemon Law truly is a consumer protection law that does protect consumers.

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